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CHAO Hotel
Beijing, China

Chao hotel is situated in the Third Ring Road of Beijing, adjacent to the Sanlitun Bar District with the most brilliant lighting. It is also the first domestic city hotel to offer all-inclusive package service. Inspired by the animal's "nest," the hotel's space design has created a multi-level, diversespace by using different materials, colors and elemnts to meet the multi - dimensional social needs of life, offering event exhibitions , social clubs , craft Creation and other one-stop urban lifeexperience, to bring guests the infinite surprise and perfect memories.

The hotel has ingenuity in each space: the steeped out space inth elobby, the elegant cloth ceiling design, the unique architecturally polished mural in the restaurant, the stairs gently washed by soft lighting and the harmonious combination of natural material with perfect lighting, all of these contribute to the comfortable and relaxing environment.

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