Grand Hyatt Changsha

Grand Hyatt Changsha is located in the Huayuan International Center which offers a bird's eye view of the city's new core and it can capture the most beautiful city views of Changsha. Facing Dufujiang Pavilion and the heart of Juzizhou, the hotel overlooks the whole Juzizhou and Xiangjiang River beauty. Staying at the hotel, you can enjoy the core view of Xiangjiang Changsha section which would make your journey more colorful.

Just a few hundred meters out of the hotel and you can go to Pozi Street. You can enjoy all the Changsha snack food here; You can also search for the feelings of the millennium old street in Taiping Street, and enjoy the romance of Changsha; About a kilometer away, there are Duzheng Street, Tianxin Pavilion and Zhongshan Pavilion, where tons of fun hidden there.

:Aero Light is honored to be the lamps supplier and service provider of the hotel, and we are deeply proud of that.