Capella Shanghai

Capella hotel is located in the Hengfu history & culture protection area in Xuhui District . It is the unique city resort with full villas. There are 55 villas , 40 apartments , legendary Capella library, widely-lauded Auriga Spa, French restaurant & private activity venue. All bring new luxury experience for discerning clients.

The hotel remains the original “Stone Gate” building, and was refreshed with traditional Shanghai Style & Western building Style, to create Shanghai Residential old style which were combined with Shanghai Culture & Paris Style. Aero Light mainly provided warm lighting based on the unique Shanghai Style for this hotel. It creates warm & comfortable lighting environment, and emphasizes the nostalgic atmosphere of this hotel. The spot light & wall light in the outdoor green belt maximumly restore the historical intimacy of Stone Gate building at night. We use RGB wall washer to refresh the original building “Water Tower” which becomes the characteristic landmark building “Lighting Tower” .

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